Why A Canvas Cutter Bedroll?

Canvas Cutter Bedroll next to a fire at a campsite

The outdoors, whatever that means or looks like for you—mountains, hills, or plains, a forest full of lush vegetation or an aired desert bursting with red rock and cactus blossoms, or something in-between.

We at Canvas Cutter believe that people should spend more time - much more time - in it. The great outdoors has another name, a more appropriate and fitting name in our opinion, “Mother Nature.” Those who have spent much time in Mother Nature know very well that she will teach you lessons, even life lessons, that you did not expect to learn. She teaches humility to the proud, courage and grit to the faint hearted and weak. She’ll show you the blessings that come from perseverance, and build within you confidence of self.

Mother Nature also provides free, all natural therapy to almost all of life’s ailments. She produces happiness and peace that can be found in few other places. If nature has all this to offer what prevents people from getting out and experiencing the grandeur of Mother Nature and all she offers? How can their experience improve in a manner that will make them want to get out more and stay out longer? We at Canvas Cutter would like to offer a few suggestions as well as a solution to these questions.How To Simplify Your Outdoor Experience

Quick and Simple Camp Set-ups

Most people intend to have an enjoyable, refreshing, even rejuvenating experience in the outdoors. For some it is found in the tranquility Mother Nature naturally offers to those looking to relax in the simplicity of the great outdoors. For others, it is found in the opportunity to be more active than everyday life allows, and to do so surrounded by the beauties only found in Mother Nature.

However, no one intends (or enjoys) to spend most of their weekend or vacation finding, gathering, organizing, and packing their gear in order to enjoy the outdoors. Making sure you have all the clothes you need and might need, the right sleeping bag, hoping that it won’t be colder than you expect, double checking that you have your pad and the right tent, and hoping that the rain fly is still in the bag with everything else, but not wanting to unpack it all to actually verify your hope. I mean where else would it be, right? Checking that you have all the food and drinks you will need, making sure you have the right stove (or stoves) to cook your food, and propane or gas for the stove you're using.

After all that, the last thing that you want to do when you get to your destination is spend the rest of the day unpacking and setting everything up. But typically you do spend hours unpacking and setting up, only to have just a few hours of enjoyment before beginning the process again - only in reverse.

Is it any wonder why families and even individuals aren’t spending more time in the outdoors? Isn’t life in the outdoors supposed to be simple? What happened? Why have we complicated it so much?

At Canvas Cutter, we have a solution to this problem. It’s called the Dominator.

Dominator 2.0

The Dominator is a high-quality bedroll made from marine canvas, which is waterproof and mildew resistant; it also happens to be lighter and stronger than regular canvas. It has a military grade zipper that allows you to zip completely closed or lay it open. It is made to last, and it will simplify and improve your outdoor experiences.

This is how it works:

  • Slide your favorite foam or air pad and sleeping bag into your Dominator bedroll

That's it. You do that one time ever, unless of course you want to change it out with another bag or pad, or you want to clean you pad or bag. You can also keep the Canvas Cutter toiletry bag and other gear in the bedroll. But once you have your bedroll set up, you roll it up and it is ready to go whenever and wherever you are. All you need to do is grab it, put it in your truck or car and you're off.

Once you reach your destination all you need to do is unroll it and your camp is set up. No matter where you end up, no matter what the weather is like you are going to sleep warm, dry, and comfortable.

For some, especially women, sleeping in the outdoors means being uncomfortable, dealing with bugs, rodents, dust, and even bad weather. Canvas Cutter’s bedroll, the Dominator, eliminates these concerns. Because the Dominator’s military grade zipper zips completely closed, all who have it can rest assured that when they decide to go to bed they will be doing so without bugs and rodents waiting to snuggle up with them. They will also be sure to have gear that is dry, and dust free, which obviously increases their comfort, ability to rest, and chances of having a positive outdoor experience.

Knowing the protection one will receive by using Canvas Cutter’s Dominator bedroll will not only increase their willingness to get out into Mother Nature more regularly, but it will also improve their experience when they decide to do so.

After you have enjoyed your time in the great outdoors, you simply roll the Dominator up and go home. When you return home, you simply put it back on the shelf in your garage or in a storage room and it’s ready to go anytime you are. This is a game changer. It improves and simplifies your outdoor experiences.

Burro Duffel

Now, maybe you are thinking, “That eliminates a need for a tent and keeps all of my sleeping gear together, but what about all the clothes I need or might need, as well as cooking gear?”

Well, we at Canvas Cutter have a solution for that as well. It comes in the form of a gear bag, made from high quality water resistant polyester, military grade zippers, and heavy duty webbing. Like the Dominator, the Burro is made to last and handle the abuse of life in the outdoors.

I know what you’re thinking. “How does a bag fix this problem?” Our answer to that is this: It is all about how you set it up.

Much like the Dominator bedroll it just takes one time to get it ready and then it will be ready when you are. Pack your hunting, fishing, or outdoor clothing into the gear bag and store it near your Canvas Cutter Bedroll. When you’re ready get out into Mother Nature, just grab it and go!

When you get back, wash your clothes, put them back in the gear bag, and then you are ready for the next outing. Simple.

 Adaptabile Gear

A major way in which Canvas Cutter’s bedroll, the Dominator, will improve your outdoor experience is its ability to adapt—or to put it more accurately—the ability it gives you to adapt to the unexpected or to the ever-changing conditions of life in Mother Nature. To give you a clearer picture of what we mean by adaptability, let me give you a few examples of what this looks like.

Example #1

A few years back we had an elk tag for one of Utah’s premium elk units. Knowing that this was going to most likely be a once in a life-time opportunity, we set up trail cameras all over the unit. This meant that we had cameras to check that were hours and miles apart from one another, and making it necessary to either have a very mobile camp or really late and long nights; we went with the former. Because it takes 30 seconds or less to unroll a Canvas Cutter bedroll, and 60 seconds or less to role it up, and because we could just throw-out wherever we ended up we didn’t have to waste half a day doing nothing because we would have time to get “there and back” before dark. We could just went, if it got dark, or we were exhausted, we would make camp wherever we were no matter what the weather was doing. No Staying up all night driving back to camp, and no sleeping (if you want to call it that) in the cab of your truck. You can go where you need to go when you want to go there. You don’t have to be stuck in one place, you can adapt to the circumstances of outdoor life.

Example #2

Most who hunt or fish have experienced the frustration of getting to “your spot” spend half the day getting camp setup only to find out that the fish aren’t biting or the buck or bulls that should be there aren’t. But camps all setup, and to take it down, pack up and go to a new spot would take too much effort and too much time, precious time you can’t waste. In your stubbornness, you dig in and double down and hope to get lucky. Or, you can forget about having this problem ever again by simply using the Canvas Cutter system. You don’t need to spend anytime setting up camp. Once you get to “your spot” go hunt, go fish, go hike or glass or just chill. Spend time doing what you went into Mother Nature to do, which we would guess isn’t setting a camp up. You can do this because when it is finally time to rest your tired eyes and exhausted legs you simply unsnap three buckles and go to bed. If the fish aren’t biting or the bucks and bulls you were going after are no longer there, simple hope back into your truck and go to a new spot where the fish are biting and the bucks or bulls are. Adapt quickly and effortlessly to the circumstances you are presented with.

There may be many other examples that you are thinking of while reading this, but hopefully you can start to understand what we mean when we say Canvas Cutter will increase you adaptability and thus improve your outdoor experience.

Dependable Gear

Although Mother Nature can be so simple and beautiful, she can also be very unforgiving. The truth is that life in the outdoors can be harsh and dangerous, and you need to be able to depend on your gear to perform as it is should, or as the company said it would.

Unfortunately a lot of gear now days is made out of cheap materials that cannot hold up to life in the outdoors and often let you down when you’re depending on them the most. At Canvas Cutter, we will only make the highest quality gear that we guarantee you can depend on.

Our gear will perform as we say it will perform. It will last. It can handle the abuse of life in the outdoors. In fact, we are so confident in our bedroll system and its quality and dependability that we offer a lifetime guarantee.

In Summary - Get Outdoors!

Camping, fishing, hunting, life in the outdoors does not have to be complex or time consuming. It can be simple, easy and quick. Just get out into Mother Nature and spend your time doing what you went there to do!

If you went to spend time with your family relaxing and having fun together, then do that. If you went to have a weekend of fishing then go spend your time fishing. If you are going deer or elk hunting for a week, then you should spend the week deer or elk hunting! 

DO NOT waste a day or hour setting camp up or taking it down. It takes seconds to “set camp up” with the Canvas Cutter Dominator bedroll, so set it up when you are ready to go to bed - not when you should be enjoying your time in the great outdoors.

What are you waiting for? Get your Dominator 2.0 bedroll Bundle today and start dominating your outdoor experiences.

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