For well over a century soldiers, miners, cattlemen, cowboys, hunters, anglers, and avid outdoorsmen have used some form of a canvas bedroll. Although various forms canvas bedrolls have been used extensively throughout the past, but Canvas Cutter has changed the game. Canvas Cutter has not reinvented the wheel when it comes to bedrolls, we just improved it—big time. How did Canvas Cutter take a good idea and make it better? Let us tell you. 

Canvas Cutter Canvas Quality

The Canvas

Let’s start with the most basic and fundamental aspect of the bedroll system, the canvas cover.

Traditional Bedrolls 

Traditional canvas bedrolls use a conventional cotton canvas fabric or occasionally a duck canvas, which is simply a tighter woven cotton canvas fabric. These canvas materials are waterproof to an extent. Traditional canvas will get wet, swell tight, shrink 7-8% or more, and through this process repel water, but if the canvas is touched from the inside it will begin to wick the water through. So if the purpose of a bedroll is to keep you protected from the elements and allow you to get the sleep and rest you need, the traditional canvas bedroll will struggle to do this in wet conditions. Because you are sleeping inside the canvas bedroll, and thus constantly touching it, in a rain or snow storm you are going to wick that water from the outside of your bedroll into your sleeping bag. This, we believe would lead you to have a bad night’s sleep and most likely a rough following day.

Canvas Cutter’s Bedroll

Canvas Cutter’s bedroll, the Dominator, like other traditional bedrolls, is made from a canvas fabric, but there is nothing traditional about the canvas fabric we use. We use a Marine Finish Boatshrunk canvas which takes the game to a whole new level. This marine boatshrunk canvas has a significant strength advantage over tradition canvas. The cotton strands are twisted together before being woven through each other, forming a very tight and strong weave. The strength of a 10 oz. piece of marine boatshrunk canvas is equivalent to a 14 oz. piece of traditional canvas. This increase strength to weight ratio means we can produce a lighter bedroll that is also stronger than its thicker, heavier counter parts. At Canvas Cutter we use 13 oz marine boatshrunk canvas to make the Dominator bedroll, and it can take some major abuse. Marine boatshrunk canvas is double treated with a waterproofing agent. Not only does this dramatically increase the canvas’ water repellency it elements the canvas’ ability to wick water when touched from the inside. The double treatment also makes the canvas extremely mildew resistant. You can get rained and snowed on all night and remain completely dry, and your bedroll is not going to rot from over exposure to moisture or humidity. Although the marine boatshrunck canvas has a tighter weave and increased waterproofing treatment than tradition canvas it still breaths extremely well, eliminating condensation building up within the bedroll itself.    

Canvas Cutter Zippers

Zippers, Buckles, Snaps and Flaps

Traditional Bedrolls 

Nearly all traditional bedrolls are open ended at the top. Most allow you to open them down one side, making it easy for you to slide your pad and sleeping bag into it. Others are created as a sleeping bag/bedroll hybrid, but still allow you to open them down one side, or occasionally the right down the top middle of the bedroll. Almost all bedrolls us buckles—that are often bulky, time consuming, and difficult to undo and do up—or snaps which can also be difficult and time consuming to click together. Occasionally they will use a simple form of flaps to cover the pad and sleeping bag. A few of them use a zipper down the side or middle to open and close. None of these bedrolls protect you or your gear from dust, bugs, rodents, wind, or water. They are all open ended, loosely snapped, buckled or flapped together allowing you and your gear to be exposed. Rolled up, traditional bedrolls can protect your gear from some dust, most bugs, and the wind; but if it rains your gear is getting wet and thus ruined, and rodents such as mice will eat traditional canvas. Once unrolled the traditional canvas bedroll isn’t much more than an expensive supped-up sleeping bag.

Canvas Cutter’s Bedroll 

The Dominator does not use buckles, snaps, or flaps to close, but rather zipper, and not just any zipper, but military grade zipper. The Vislon zipper we use at Canvas Cutter is extremely strong and lightweight. It is different from conventional zippers because the “teeth” are made form Delrin and the tape is polyester. This zipper is corrosion resistant and self-lubricating. It will operate smoothly despite mud, sand, etc. The Vislon zipper we use has excellent resistance to heat (up to 360) and to cold (to 60℉ below zero). In other words, you aren’t going to experience problems with the zipper used on our bedrolls. In fact, for the last 17 years our bedrolls have been in existence, we have had zero bedrolls come back because of zipper problems. It can take some serious abuse. The Dominator zips completely closed and will zip down both sides almost to the end. This makes it very easy, convenient, and quick to put a pad and sleeping bag into the bedroll, or to throw it off you during hot nights. Because the Dominator zips completely closed, dust, bugs, rodents and weather are kept out. This is a game changer. 

Canvas Cutter Straps

Straps and Handles

Traditional Bedrolls

Most of the traditional style bedrolls that are being made today are held together by two straps and have no carry handles. These straps are often made from rope or leather, and occasionally 1 inch polyester webbing. Often these are held tight by a bet-buckle or two d-loops. A few will use light-weight quick release buckles. Some of these straps will form into a shoulder sling, but most traditional bedrolls leave you few options to carry them.

Canvas Cutter’s Bedroll 

The Dominator has three one-inch, 800lb tensile strength, polyester webbing straps that connect to heavy duty quick release buckles. The Dominator also has a two-inch polyester webbing easy to carry handle.   This has been a brief analysis of the Canvas Cutter Bedroll, the Dominator, but it clearly shows why it’s the best bedroll on the market. It shows—through comparison—that there is no comparison; the Dominator stands alone and at the top. Canvas Cutter has taken an extremely simple and timeless system of camping and experiencing the outdoors, and innovated it into something so much better. The Dominator is made to handle the abuse, and the wear and tear that mother nature offer. It has improved and simplified our outdoor experience and ability to sleep in comfort.