Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the bedroll come with the foam pad?

Answer: No, the bedroll and foam are sold separately, however you can purchase the best 3" foam pad on the market right off our website.

2. Do you sell sleeping bags?

Answer: Not yet. We have plans to manufacture our own sleeping bag line in the coming future that our customers can buy directly from us.

3. If my sleeping bag is wider than 32 inches will it fit this bedroll?

Answer: Yes. Although the bedroll is 32 inches wide, the bedroll's sagging side wall add's significant width to the bedroll, allowing you to run a wide sleeping bag.

4. Do you ever need to retreat the canvas?

Answer: No. We use a marine (double treated) boatshrunk canvas. This canvas is water proof for the remainder of its life and never needs to be retreated.

5. Will I get wet from condensation build-up?

Answer: You shouldn't. Canvas is an extremely breathable fabric. In fact, when the canvas is dry you can see, if you look closely, the porous holes throughout the fabric. It would have to be insanely humid conditions to experience condensation build-up within a Canvas Cutter bedroll.

6. Is the bedroll water proof?

Answer: The marine boatshrunk canvas the bedroll is made from is water proof, but the heavy-duty military grade zipper we use is not. Technically we should say it's water resistant because of the zipper, but the way the bedroll is made, it is almost impossible for water to get into the bedroll when it is zipped closed. But since water could get through the bedroll, we say it is water resistant.

7. How do I clean my bedroll?

Answer: Canvas Cutter's bedroll is made to get dirty. When dusty, simply brush it off with your hand or a broom. If muddy either let the mud dry and brush it off, or spray the bedroll off with water.

8. Can the bedroll be put away wet?

Answer: Technically yes. The marine boatshrunk canvas we use is extremely mildew resistant. Although you can, we don’t recommend it. Your bedroll will last longer, smell nicer, and stay much cleaner if you will let it dry before storing it. The marine boatshrunk canvas dries quickly.

9. How do I fix a broken zipper?

Answer: In the 17 years of making our bedrolls, we have never had one break a zipper. We use heavy-duty military grade zipper. It will zip covered in mud or dust, and is self-lubricating. If a zipper does break, will fix it for free.

10. How much do they weigh?

Answer: 7lbs.