Sheds for Santa Utility Bag


100% of all sales will be donated to Sheds for Santa.

You are going to love Canvas Cutter’s Utility Bags!

They are extremely versatile to fit your needs. They work awesome as a toiletry bag (a bag you keep tooth paste, tooth brush, eye contacts and solution, medications, matches or lighter, headlamp and more) that you can always leave it in your bedroll so you don’t forget the easily forgettable items of camping. They can also be used to organize items in your backpack, store tools, or in whatever way works best for you. Like all our products, our utility bags are made of high quality materials. All our utility bags have heavy duty, self-lubricating,  military grade zippers that will zip through dust, mud, and the life of the bag.

Size: 11.5″ x 7.5″

Weight: 2.8oz

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