Erika & Emily Stout

Erika & Emily Stout

We are Erika and Emily Stout! We love the outdoors and working close with the land. We enjoy working with our animals as we continue the generation of farming and ranching in our family!

What’s going through your head as you lay in bed the night before … a hunt, a fishing trip, a ride?:

Excitement, as I lay in bed, my thoughts fill with so many dreams and excitement for the next day!

What motivates you to do what you do?:

What motivates us is the people before us that have carved the path for us!

How do you step your game up year after year?:

Create goals and achieving them!

What would you identify as a quality you possess that makes you stand out amongst your peers?:

Confidence. We feel like confidence is hard to find in today world. We strive to make a positive difference anywhere we go!

If you could improve one aspect of what you do, what would it be and why?:

Learning from other people that have had more experience than us. Listen to their advise, and apply it to ourselves.

If you could only listen to one music album the rest of your life, what would it be?:

Old cowboy music. We love the old ranching story’s that cowboys tell in their songs.

Past, present, or future: who is one person you would sit down with for a full course meal and why?:

One of the founding fathers of this country, Liston to what they have to say about the biggest trials they faced, and the struggles they went through.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?:


Who has had the biggest influence on your life and why?:

My grandpa. He was a horse training legacy, and we look up to him so much.

What is your most favorite smell?:

Smell of the air just after rains!

What is the best book you have read?:

Little britches series

Would you rather be the smartest person or the funniest person?:


Your go to favorite meal?:

Baked potatoes with home grown beef:)

How would you explain what Canvas Cutter represents?:

Durable products that will hold up in rough conditions!

What is your favorite Canvas Cutter product and why?:

Canvas bedroll. We love the bed rolls for sleeping out under the stars!

What is something people would never guess just by looking at you?:

We like riding dirt bikes.

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