Taylor Dalton

Take it from me

"I get the unique perspective of being heavily involved in the inner-workings of Canvas Cutter. Take it from me, the individuals running Canvas Cutter are die hard about making gear that is going to last and legitimately change the way you experience the outdoors. They don’t cut corners, they don’t compromise."

Kyle Paxman

Built to last!

"I have been greatly impressed with the quality of Canvas Cutter products. Many minor details tell the story of a lot of care and thought that has been put into every aspect of their products. Everything I have used has been built to last! I never thought a bed roll could be comfortable but now my wife fights me for the Dominator!  Canvas Cutter is always innovating. They have shown that complacency doesn't exist with their brand and their ability to be creative. I am super excited to see what's next!"

Johnathan McCormick

Fast, Simple, and high quality

“Being a part of the Canvas Cutter family is as welcoming as the Dominator on a chilly night after chasing elk all day.  Canvas Cutter genuinely wants to extend the time you can be in the mountains doing what you love.  Fast, Simple, and high quality, look no further than Canvas Cutter for the best night sleep you will find."

Jeff Peterson

Unbeatable quality camping gear

"Canvas Cutter is a fantastic company, featuring unbeatable quality camping gear, and honest, hard working, and incredibly passionate people!  I’m grateful to be a Canvas Cutter Ambassador!"


Here at Canvas Cutter we are fanatics of high-quality, durable, timeless gear that augments one’s outdoor experiences and daily pursuits. Whether you’re spending a week in the backcountry, working on the ranch or simply tackling the family life, our products will change and improve the way you experience the outdoors - and we’re only getting started.