• I'm 6ft... (insert inches) will I fit in your bedrolls?

Answer: Yes, you will fit. Our bedrolls are 84" (7ft) and our tallest costumer to date is 7ft tall. When asked if he fits inside his Dominator   bedroll he said: "I get lost in it". There's more room than you think.

  • Will I get wet from condensation build-up?

Answer: For most people condensation will never be an issue, however, if you plan on using your bedroll in the early spring, late fall, or winter, science says you will see some form of condensation. To learn more about the science of condensation and ways to prevent or mitigate condensation in your bedroll check out this article.

  • Does the bedroll come with the foam pad?

Answer: You can purchase the Dominator 2.0 or Fortress 2.0 in a Bedroll Bundle option that allows you to get a Dominator 2.0 or Fortress 2.0 Bedroll, a pole system, and our high quality 3" mattress foam pad in a packaged deal. However, if you purchase the bedroll by itself and wanted a foam pad as well, you would need to add it separately.

  • If my sleeping bag is wider than 34 inches will it fit this bedroll?

Answer: Yes. Although the bedroll is 34 inches wide from seam to seam, the bedroll's sagging side wall add's significant width to the bedroll, allowing you to run a wide sleeping bag.

  • Do you ever need to retreat the canvas?

Answer: No. The canvas has a water and mildew resistant coating on the outside and a breathable Polyurethane coating on the inside that will last the life of the bedroll and does not need to be retreated.

  • Is the bedroll waterproof?

Answer: Because of our heavy duty YKK zipper, bedrolls are water-resistant. The canvas we use to make our bedrolls is waterproof. With both a water and mildew resistant coating on the outside, a breathable polyurethane coating on the inside, as well as taped seams, water will not come through the canvas. However, the heavy duty YKK zipper we use is not a water-proof zipper, and the zipper seam is not tapped, so in some circumstances water may find its way through the zipper or zipper seam, which is why we state that the bedrolls are water-resistant not waterproof. It is important to note that zipper is completely covered with a canvas flap which makes it very difficult for water to find its way in through the zipper. 

  • How do I clean my bedroll?

Answer: Canvas Cutter's bedroll is made to get dirty. When dusty or muddy, let the mud dry and simply brush it off with your hand or a broom. You can also spray it off with a garden hose, but DO NOT use soaps or detergents.

  • Can the bedroll be put away wet?

Answer: You should always make every effort to ensure the canvas of your bedroll is dry before putting it away, especially for long-term storage. However, we understand there are times this is not possible, so we have taken the precaution to coat our canvas in a mildew resistant coating to help prevent mildew rot. So, if you find yourself in a pickle, your bedroll should be fine, just don’t make it a habit.

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