Dirt Bag

Constructed of our tried-and-true proprietary 14.5oz canvas, the Dirtbag is a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor living. Ditch the lame lawn chair and get yourself the most comfortable and durable foam throne on the market!

Please Note: Dirt Bag does not come with beans inside. You will need to purchase those to fill it. Here is a link to the beans we recommend, click here. We recommend 300L per bag to fill it. Over time, you will need to add more as the beans break down.

Sale price$165.00

Dimensions: 34” in diameter and 26” tall

Dirtbag Weight: 4.8 lbs

Volume:  23,593 ci / 387 L

- 14.5oz canvas treated for water and mildew resistance

- Waterproof with combined coatings of teflon and polyurethane

- Seams are taped to keep the elements out  

- High quality SBS zippers

- Separate and removable mesh bag to hold filling

- Detectable shoulder strap

- Foam beads and canvas provides comfortable insulation

Is it waterproof?

Yes. The material is treated to be waterproof and the seams are tapped. The zippers are not waterproof, but are covered with a canvas zipper flap. So as long as the Dirtbag is upright, water will not be able to get in. Also, when fully closed, dust and dirt will not make it into the interior of the bag.

Can you wash it?

Yes. Dirt and mud once dried will brush off easily, however, if needed the canvas can be rinsed with water. *Do not use soaps or detergents. 

Can it compress in size? 

Compression is dependent upon the filling used. For example, the recommended foam filling are polystyrene beads that minimally compress but provide the best experience; however, if using memory foam, the dirtbag can compress substantially more.