The Brumby

Looking for a cantle bag that is tougher than a wild mustang, feature rich, and can keep your sandwich from being smashed and soggy? The Brumby is your answer!

Sale price$134.97

Dimensions: 20”x6”x7” (WxHxD)

Brumby Weight: 2.1 lbs

Volume:  840 ci / 13.8 L

- 14.5oz canvas treated for water and mildew resistance

- Waterproof with combined coatings of teflon and polyurethane

- Seams are taped to keep the elements out  

- #8 waterproof SBS zippers

- Three pocket design for versatility and convenience

- Hideaway shoulder strap

- 8000 pound nylon webbing for attachment to rear d-rings of the saddle

- Nylon cinch straps with quick release g-hook buckles

Is it waterproof and/or dustproof?

Yes, the material is treated to be waterproof, but the zippers are not. However, all zippers are covered by a canvas zipper flap to keep weather out. In combination, when fully closed, dust and dirt will not make it into the interior of the bag.

Can you wash it?

Yes. Dirt and mud once dried will brush off easily, however, if needed the canvas can be rinsed with water. *Do not use soaps or detergents.