Braxen Glines

Braxen Glines

Better known as Haxen Hunt, I spend most my time bowhunting,

What’s going through your head as you lay in bed the night before … a hunt, a fishing trip, a ride?:

Envisioning success for what is to come in the morning.

What motivates you to do what you do?:

Sharing my passion with others, seeing new people join bowhunting and seeing their success.

How do you step your game up year after year?:

Time, dedicating more time into each hunt each year.

What would you identify as a quality you possess that makes you stand out amongst your peers?:

Relatability with others, I strive to keep my personality and passion as someone anyone can relate with. Listening to others as they share their own passions and hobbies.

If you could improve one aspect of what you do, what would it be and why?:

Creating more systems to accomplish tasks, working smarter not harder.

If you could only listen to one music album the rest of your life, what would it be?:

Campfire under the stars

Past, present, or future: who is one person you would sit down with for a full course meal and why?:

Teddy Roosevelt, to listen to the stories that man could tell about how he was able to conserve so many of our hunting privileges

Is a hotdog a sandwich?:

Is there meat between the bun? Then yes

Who has had the biggest influence on your life and why?:

My dad, he's shown me what it is like to chase your dreams and still show up for those that matter most.

What is your most favorite smell?:

Rolling Hills of sage brush after a summer rain storm

What is the best book you have read?:

The power of one more by Ed Mylett

Would you rather be the smartest person or the funniest person?:

funniest, cause who cares about being smart.

Your go to favorite meal?:

Eggs on toast

How would you explain what Canvas Cutter represents?:

Making camping comfortable again

What is your favorite Canvas Cutter product and why?:

Dominator, due to the convenience and accessibility of having my bed ready to rock at any moment.

What is something people would never guess just by looking at you?:

I could be happy living in a camper and have nothing, and be just as happy living a Gucci life.

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