Trason Jack

Trason Jack

We are the 1880 Drifters! We are a family continuing the cowboy way of life in the southeastern Utah desert around the Bears Ears National Monument that started in that area in 1880. Documenting ranch work, horse training/breaking, leather work, and many different other aspects of the cowboy way of life and raising good hard working families. Also showing some of the coolest and most historic scenery in the whole world.

What’s going through your head as you lay in bed the night before … a hunt, a fishing trip, a ride?:

All I am ever think about at night is cowboying and how I am going to make that lifestyle into my full time job. I am constantly thinking about the life I want to build for my wife and children and in my mind that looks like land, animals and being outdoors everyday. And ranching is what is going to give that to us.

What motivates you to do what you do?:

My family. Both my wife and I grew up on cattle ranches and have a strong sense of hard work and we know what it means to surround ourselves with good people. Everything we do is for our children and our future. Family is our number one priority and that is what motivates us to get up and progress and try a little harder each day.

How do you step your game up year after year?:

Knowledge. We believe we are here on this earth to learn and grow as individuals. Each year we are upping our game by improving ourselves and working harder by learning more aspects towards ranching and things that get us closer to reaching our goals. We stay humble and know that there is always more to learn and accomplish each year.

What would you identify as a quality you possess that makes you stand out amongst your peers?:

Our passion towards ranching. It is all I ever think about and all we ever want to do. we would go the extra mile for one more minute on our horses or an extra second to be with our family doing what we love.

If you could improve one aspect of what you do, what would it be and why?:

One of many things I think we could improve on is taking the time to slow down and enjoy the moment. Often times when we are out working cows we tend to get into high pressure and stressed situations. We let anger and stress get the best of us a lot of the time instead of slowing down and working slow and enjoying the work that we do. We work in some of the most beautiful country in the world and we need to not take that for granted.

If you could only listen to one music album the rest of your life, what would it be?:

Greatest Hits Album By, George Strait of course.

Past, present, or future: who is one person you would sit down with for a full course meal and why?:

One of the original cowboys that started running cattle in our area. There has been books and stories wrote about the early cowboys and how they endured this rank and wild country. I would love to sit down with one of them and just listen for hours.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?:

At the moment a hotdog. We eat sandwiches everyday on the range moving cows and they definitely get old!

Who has had the biggest influence on your life and why?:

For me it has been my dad. He's the one who threw me on a horse at a very young age and taught me not only how to cowboy, but the importance of hard work, being honest, and respectful. He taught me that when the going gets tough the tough get going. He taught me that when you get bucked off you dust yourself off and climb right back on.

What is your most favorite smell?:

I would definitely have to say branding smoke. Most people hate it but there is nothing quite like being in a coral full of cowboys in the spring time, branding calves.

What is the best book you have read?:

If you ask my dad there was a book written by Albert R. Lyman, one of the founders of our area called "The Voice Of The Intangible"

Would you rather be the smartest person or the funniest person?:

We would have to say the funniest person. Its not something you can learn. Its something that comes natural. You can always study, read and become smart.

Your go to favorite meal?:

Steak, and dutch oven potatoes during the fall gather.

How would you explain what Canvas Cutter represents?:

Canvas Cutter represents the hard working , tough, and outdoorsy people of this day and age. People who are out in the hills whether it be hunting, backpacking, cowboying, etc. and appreciate and love the creations that god has blessed them with.

What is your favorite Canvas Cutter product and why?:

"The Brumby" because it is a good representation of our day to day ranch work. It becomes handy whether you have your lunch packed in it, or medicine that you need to doctor a cow with.

What is something people would never guess just by looking at you?:

That we have a YouTube channel. We are still very camera shy and still have no idea what were doing but just enjoying the ride. We are not the "YouTube" type.

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