Dry Creek Wrangler School

Dry Creek Wrangler School

 Although we would never willingly admit it, Father Wisdom, Schafer, Taylor, and I were likely closer to the "City Slicker/drugstore cowboy" side of the pendulum than we were the "Wrangler" side, but like I said, we would never willingly admit that. I used past tense because things have changed recently. It is true, the four of us are still far from full fledged wranglers, but we are much closer to that side of the pendulum now thanks to our friends Dewayne and Deanna Noel and their Dry Creek Wrangler School.

Despite our pre-wrangler school status, all four of us had had some varying degree of experience, knowledge, and confidence (or lack thereof) with horses. We also all wanted to greatly increase our knowledge and confidence, so we talked to Dewayne and worked with Momma (Deanna) to schedule a time to do just that.

Shortly after we had arrived at the 1890's ranch house and had received a warm welcome from Dewayne, Momma, and all those who work at Dry Creek Wrangler School, it became clear to us that during our time at wrangler school we would be surrounded by breathtaking views.

It is important to understand that Dry Creek Wrangler School is not a riding school. Rather, it’s a school focused on helping one develop a foundation of communicational horsemanship through understanding our predator-prey relationship with horses, and how to effectively understand what the horse is communicating so that one can effectively communicate what they are wanting the horse to do. Knowledge on horse tack and what to look for, as well as horse anatomy and health is also shared at length.

This knowledge is shared through a set of morning and evening lectures and discussions with Dewayne around the farm house, tack shed, and round pen. The information and wisdom shared quickly expands the intellect like the country-fresh air expands the lounges and the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding the wrangler school expands the soul.

Dewayne’s knowledge and experience and ability to share that knowledge and experience are obviously at the center of the Dry Creek Wrangler School, but the school would not function or be as effective without Momma, Noah, Shelby, and Seminal who are putting in a lot of work behind the scenes to make it all run smoothly. Whether it’s scheduling groups, payments, and working with future students, wrangling for the school itself, cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner or keeping the farm house clean and orderly these four get it all done.

Later in the week and after our class work we had opportunities to put some of our new knowledge to practice through catching, saddling, and riding the horses at Dry Creek. It was a great way to cap off our time at wrangler school and deepen our knowledge through application.

After our time spent with Dewayne, Momma and the others at Dry Creek Wrangler School we left feeling like genuine wranglers. We were all much more confident in our wrangling abilities than we were when we arrived, and were leaving with more knowledge than we came with. We left feeling much more like the wranglers we had assumed we were upon arrival, and much less like the drugstore cowboys we may have actually been. More importantly we left having gained additional friends, friends that made us feel like family while we were with them. So whether you are a drugstore cowboy or have had some experience wrangling and riding horses, and would like to deepen your knowledge, learn from a new perspective, or increase your confidence we recommend you give Momma a call to schedule a visit to Dry Creek Wrangler School.

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