Our Mission

In all that we do, we seek to improve the lives of individuals and families by offering gear that simplifies and amplifies their camping and outdoor experiences.

Our Story

It was a woodland creature, definitely a furry one, in the wilderness of Wyoming that created the domino effect that led to the birth of Canvas Cutter. Apparently, this unidentified creature needed some canvas and decided to get it by eating a hole—a very large hole—in the side of Father Wisdom’s (Shirl Larsen) wall tent. We left the mountains that trip with a tag still in our pocket and a hole in the wall tent that needed fix’n. However, Father Wisdom found out that people didn’t want to run his dirty wall tent through their clean sewing machines, so he did what any sensical person would do in his situation, he bought himself an industrial sewing machine and fixed his tent.

Father Wisdom learned how to sew and went from fixing his wall tent to sewing wall tents, range teepees, various gear bags, bags for four wheelers, and the occasional saddle panniers for close friends and family. But his greatest work stemmed from his experiences of arriving at the trail head in the middle of the night exhausted, tired and in need of some shut-eye. Throwing out on the ground always seemed to be the most convenient option, but it was often interrupted around 2 a.m. by a thunder buster rolling through the high desert mountains of Utah. Never to stay long of course, but enough thunder to wake everyone and enough rain to make them take cover under the truck or horse trailer. These experiences lead Father Wisdom to think of a solution to this problem, and what came was nothing less than pure inspiration. Some have even called it a gift from heaven. It has a simple name, BEDROLL!

We know, bedrolls have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, but the bedroll that flowed from Father Wisdom’s mind was on an entirely new level; a cowboy bedroll on steroids, really strong, extremely healthy steroids. This bedroll wasn’t made out of the traditional canvas most bedrolls and tents are made out of, it was made out of a ply-weave marine canvas which meant it was 40% stronger than a traditional canvas and extremely water and mildew resistant. There were no flaps, head flaps, snaps, ties or anything else that takes away from the simplistic protection a bedroll should provide, but what most bedrolls don’t. It had a zipper that aloud you to easily protect your gear from weather, dust, bugs and anything else that might want to share your sleeping bag and gear. It also made it extremely easy to adapt to changing weather. Father Wisdom also put three webbing straps and quick release buckles on his bedroll instead of using the traditional tie or buckle straps most bedrolls use. This made it easier to synch the bedroll down tight or quickly unroll it. How this bedroll design came be not even Father Wisdom can answer. The size, the shape, the cuts, the fabric, the thread, the stitch all just happened. Like manna from heaven or the air we breathe, there it was, the Canvas Cutter Bedroll.

This bedroll changed not only the way we camped but the way we experienced the outdoors. It simplified everything. We were comfortable and slept better than ever. It was quickly sought after by those who saw it or heard about; so Father Wisdom got a business license, took a suggestion from his wife to name this basement business Canvas Cutter, and over the next seventeen years made his bedroll here and there after work, and sold hundreds of them simply by word of mouth.

Once retired from the railroad, Father Wisdom and his son Seth Larsen (A.K.A. the Overseer)—a high school teacher—decided that they were going to take the foundation already in existence and do their best to establish and grow a successful business with the bedroll at its core. Not being business men, and often shooting from the hip, they were surprised but happy with the growth and success that came in the first year, but with the growth came the need to add another full-time team player if Canvas Cutter was going to keep growing and keep up with demand. About half way through the second year Father Wisdom’s grandson, Brock O’Sullivan (A.K.A. Brockstar, A.K.A. the Manager), came for a short visit when we all realized he needed to join the team and help Canvas Cutter to shift gears and reach new levels.

At Canvas Cutter we know our products will literally change the way people camp. We know they will improve the experiences that individuals and families have in the outdoors. We know our products will make it easier and more enjoyable for families and individuals to get outdoors, sleep outdoors, and receive the rejuvenating therapy only Mother Nature can provide, and that some many people need more of. Most importantly, however, we feel there is something much bigger than camping and the outdoors that our company and our products are being created for. At Canvas Cutter we feel like this company will one day have a significant positive impact on helping to providing relief to people in need. How this is going to happen, or in what capacity is yet to be seen, but we’re excited to find out. Needless to say, this story isn’t over.