Dominator Bedroll

Made from the highest quality canvas, the Dominator Sleep System makes sleeping outdoors comfortable and convenient no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Sale price$359.97

Dimensions: 84”x34”x17” (LxWxH)

Canvas Weight: 8.65 lbs

- Proprietary 14.5 oz canvas treated for water and mildew resistance

- Waterproof with combined coatings of teflon and breathable polyurethane

- Double stitched construction for added strength and durability

- All seams are taped to keep the elements out

- Three nylon cinch straps with aluminum G-hook buckles

- Four zipper sliders to control airflow, temperature, and easy access

- #8 SBS zipper that operates smoothly in all conditions

Q: Is it waterproof? The canvas is waterproof as it can get while maintaining its breathability. The more “waterproof” something is, the less breathable it is. The zippers on the bedroll are not waterproof but are covered by a canvas weather flap, so if you are using the bedroll correctly, you will not get wet.

Q: Do you ever need to retreat the canvas? No, if cared for as recommended.

Q: Does the bedroll insulate? Yes, on average, 10 to 15 degrees.

Q: Can you clean it? Yes. Dirt and mud once it’s dried will brush off easily, however, if needed the canvas can be rinsed with water. *Do not use soaps or detergents.